karaoke wednesday special | L.A. dreaming

Too many consecutive days working hard and sleeping little means you should slow it down during midweek. Reset your mind and your body. Give it a rest. Make some soup, water your plants, burn your Nang Champa and sing along.

together PANGEA - Badillac
L.A. Witch - You Love Nothing
The Blank Tapes - Don't Ever Get Old
Tijuana Panthers - NOBO

monday favorites | SANS [ceuticals]

Today's Monday favorites are a bit personal. So I won't be posting about the coolest thing happening on Etsy or the lastest indie fashion brand that has left everyone shaking.
I've been a massive fan of SANS [ceuticals] for some time now, since I first discovered the brand online. I just love their approach and philosophy to beauty products: pesticide-free, simple, modern, women-friendly and effective.
This being said, the wonderful people at New Zealand's beauty brand SANS [ceuticals] sent me some of their most delightful  and lush products. 
I truly, truly can't believe how my hair turned out after using their products. And I truly mean this. The scents are unbelievably poetic and  fresh, the textures are beautiful and soft and the end result is just perfection. It was like from limp and dull to instant shine, strenght and sheer beauty. I am now devoted to their brand. Forever. And ever. And beyond. Thank you so,so much!

From left to right: Nourishing Hair Mask, Activator 7 Body+Hair+Face Oil,Volumising Hair Hydratant

Sneak-peek: The Cooperative Store Mid-Century Lava Vase 

The Cooperative Store will come back very soon, since we've been busy reworking and remodelling it. The Cooperative Store has a new approach and new core values that I am happy to share with you: Curated vintage finds for the modern living and the discerning minds.We believe in sustainability, in a joyful and harmonious living, and in sharing beautiful and affordable objects with our friends.This is The Cooperative.

monday favorites | portals

Really, really need these in my life. Future Eyes are glasses  with crystals set in the lenses that offer the wearer a unique visual experience with crystal vision.

Alexander Calder jewelry worn by Georgia O'Keefe and Simone de Beauvoir.


Formerly known as Bandelier, Crescioni is a Los Angeles based jewelry line rooted in traditional craft techniquesand inspired by the spirit of the American west.

Ruth Duckworth (1919 – 2009) Modernist sculptor.
Untitled (Inv. no. 22886), Ruth Duckworth, RD-0020

Ruth Duckworth
Untitled (Inv. no. 451994) (Ed of 5, no. 4), bronze, Ruth Duckworth, RD-0012
Untitled (Inv. no. 943809), Ruth Duckworth, RD-0014 

monday favorites | a folk odissey

In these last few days I have been absent from everyday routines. I have been sick; it's not a dead serious thing, but still it's kind of messed up. Folk the pain away with these tunes; look up at the sky above and step your naked feet on the ground, inhaling the familiar air that only the morning dew brings.

monday favorites | a garden up in heaven

Linen and silk. Natural colors. Gentle reminders of a whispering natural Mother. Fluid shapes that wrap up your body. It's a gentle new age. Unconstricted. Ultra chrome. Ultra silver. Just a detail, peeking here and there, acting like sweet post it notes about futuristic, magical time portals.
             Sage Tubular Collar Sweater by Revisited via Joinery
Beautiful styling and photography that enhance the craftmanship behind this a beautiful sage sweater.
Connan's voice melts your heart. Like caramel.

Sheila Hicks
Sheila Hicks weaving.
I love Sheila Hicks work so much. It's so intricate, so poetic and the colors she uses are just otherwordly. Her pieces feel so contemporary that it's hard to believe some have been conceived over 40 years ago.

Vintage High Waisted 1980's Sage Green Denim Tapered Jeans S 26
Vintage High Waisted 1980's Sage Green Denim Tapered Jeans via Mother's Daughter

TELAR by Nido & Nido AW14 lookbook
I am very excited about this one! The lovely people at knitwear brand Nido, contacted me showcasing me their AW14-15 lookbook that I am now sharing with you. Nido now produces in parallel to their wearable knitwear designs, an artisan hand loom woven textile line where you are able to find  beautiful quilts, throws and bags.  
Every design and product is hand-woven in Argentina; Nido is refreshing in the sense that they are keeping ancestral weaving tradition alive allied to contemporary design and modern vision. Visit Nido here.

Dress Up by designer Stephanie Downey AW14
Little Yoga girl. This lookbook is so adorable. And each individual piece looks so good, and so wearable.
"weekend," photographed by daniel riera for the gentlewoman s/s 2014.
Weekend. Photographed by Daniel Riera for The Gentlewoman s/s 2014
Like a modern Goddess.

1970's MCS model 3226 reciever stereo component in a silver brushed metal finish featuring a clear acrylic face. Via Archivo-California
I love everything about this receiver. The silver finishing is out of this world. It's so sleek and elegant.

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