Valentine's day is around the corner. Again. 
Yeah, right. Let me light up a cigarette, it's Valentine's we're talking about.
For single ladies over 29 this shit begins to feel awkward. Oh well. Actually, not really. It is what it is. I feel like a 65 year old Georgia O'Keeffe these days, Solemn and weird, looking at a non existing ghost ranch. And sometimes I feel like a 5 year old whistling on a kazoo.
Should I bake him a cake? I'm tired; I feel like an avocado sandwich is a thing of stature. Two slices of toasted bread and  half an avocado stuck in there. Pink peppercorns gives an air of importance.
Should I buy him a tie? Nah. I've been thinking of those Jil Sander shoes for myself. Sorry, bye, xo.
Yet, my love for Beck  knows no limits. Since '95 or so.
I own pretty much every bootleg released. Watching him perform Odelay live with a mariachi band on stage was an out of body experience,
I would buy him a bowl of pho and I would kiss him on the cheek and hold his hand. In Los Angeles CA, circa '96. Beck pretty much defined my love for everything weird americana and I truly much appreciate him. Forever and ever.

Beck -  Corvette Bummer

i. Beat Happening - Bewitched
ii. Donovan - Get Thy Bearings
 iii. Tuxedomoon - No Tears
 iv. Pink Section - Tour of China
v. Suzanne Ciani - The Seventh Wave Sailing Away
vi. Letta Mbulu - Mahlalela

monday favorites | the clouds separate us

/// Vintage pants hand-painted by Camilla Engstrom.
/// On the occasion of a new biography, Louis Menand and Thessaly La Force join Amelia Lester and David Haglund to discuss the pervasive influence of Joan Didion, both on and off the page. Listen  to this podcast here
/// 50 styling tips from vintage Vogue editorials.

/// Rowena Sartin. Taking classic silhouettes towards blunt geometric structures, making many parts the whole, and the whole many parts. This is the statement. There is always an everyday to the  pieces with subtle twists and turns that show a careful decision about volume, line, balance and texture. The clothes want you to be you and show that.

/// Pitch Zine editorials.

/// Gauguin ladies at Bruta.

monday favorites | working title

/// i.ii.iv.ix xi. xii. - Otto 
/// iii. - thirozumi
/// v. vi. Eric Timothy Carlson
/// vii. viii. - Fixed Air
/// x. - Diagonal Press pin.
/// xiii. (unknown).

/// Delofi

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